Skin Screen Clinic

Skin Screen Clinic is a specialist-led practice dedicated to skin cancer early detection and treatment. Andever have helped the design of the Skin Screen facilities in both Geelong and Werribee. Our design focus was on providing patients with a calm and reassuring environment that contributes to an overall high quality detection and treatment experience.

These facilities in prominent ‘high street’ locations take cancer care out of sterile hospitals and embed them closer to the daily lives of the community they serve. This helps build awareness of skin cancer early detection and reduces the barriers to seeking skin cancer services.

These projects are complex in regulatory needs and demonstrate andever’s ability to deliver on challenging building types.    

We worked with Andever on two clinics – Geelong & Werribee. We offer specialist skin cancer services, so operational requirements are challenging. Andever were approachable, collaborative, responsive and excellent during both design & construction stages. The outcome speaks for itself! We highly recommend them.

– Dr Maitham Mathlum, Director Skin Screen (Commercial Client)